By Lars C. Hassing

Have you ever wondered how your app will perform on smaller screens, e.g. on a MacBook ? will simulate a small screen by putting an overlay on your big developer screen.

You can choose Display Sizes like MacBook Air 11/13", MacBook Pro 13/15/17" or iMac 20/21/24/27".

Screen shot of SmallScreen in action

This screen shot shows SmallScreen running on an iMac 20" simulating a MacBook Pro 13".

The overlay darkens the rest of your display and thus highlights what would be visible on a smaller computer screen. The overlay is a "click-through" overlay so you can still click in the darker area.

Download SmallScreen icon

Current version: v1 20120425

Download SmallScreen  SmallScreen.dmg (1.2 MB) containing the program
Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

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