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Hi there!
The main purpose of this minimal homepage is to publish my L3P and L3Lab programs. But now that I have my own homepage, I might as well tell you a little bit about myself and some of my interests:
My portrait   I am years old. I have been married to Jeanette for years and we have two sons: Christian, who is years old, and Frederik, who is years old. We live in Aarhus, Denmark, only 90 km from Billund. In 2008 we visited Legoland in California, Germany and Denmark.
I work as a programmer at CCI Europe. We make software for newspaper publishers. Software for planning, for writing, for editing, for layouting, for editioning, for zoning a newspaper. You may think of it as very large scale, multi-user DTP-programs. The news are sent to both print and online. Our customers are the larger newspapers all over the world.

"No sense being pessimistic. It wouldn't work anyway."
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My all-time favorite music:

Click to see a photo of the sailors
"Who makes it fun to spend your money? Who calls you honey? Most every day." (Girls Girls Girls)
Sailor Club

Click to see a photo of the duo
I have been a fan of Vince Clarke from the time he co-founded Depeche Mode (1981) and have followed him via Yazoo (1982-1983) to now Erasure (1986-). He is a great songwriter and a synthesizer wizard.
"I'm falling apart / No good on my own / Oh' l'amour / Broke my heart and now I'm aching for you / Mon amour / What's a boy in love supposed to do." (Oh L'Amour)
The Erasure Information Service
Onge's Erasure Page

Other great music:

Små Blå Breve "Hvis der var kærlighed nok til os, så var der ingen der gad at slås"
"Helst Om Kærlighed" (Live), "Små Blå Breve" - Nanna
Leonora Colmor Jepsen "Hvorfor skal vi slås? All we need is love, Liebe ist für alle da"
"Leonora - Love Is Forever | Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2019 | DR1"
Parralox Parralox is a great synthpop duo from Melbourne, Australia
Listen to their catchy "Sharper Than A Knife" (Live)
and see the fantastic video for a remix.
Marsheaux2 Marsheaux is a female synthpop duo from Thessaloniki, Greece
Listen to their catchy Dream Of A Disco
or Computer Love (Live)
cinemascape Cinemascape is an elegant and very visual band from Sweden
doing electronic pop music. Jättebra!
Listen to their catchy I Won't Come Home Tonight
or Deep Ravine (Live)

My all-time favorite toy, LEGO.

Visit the official homepage of The Lego Group.

My LEGO Geek code:
TO[cl++ lc+(6339)] TR++ MT+(5571) TC+++(8479) MOC++ #++++ LS++ HKbm LM++ VLr YB60m

Check out my program L3P, an LDRAW-to-POV converter that will render any LDRAW model using any part.

Also check out my program L3Lab, an LDRAW LDR/DAT/MPD viewer.

Please e-mail any comments to me.

Last updated June 3rd, 2018