L3P Gallery

By Lars C. Hassing

Here are some of my models, created in LEDIT, converted by L3P and rendered by POV-Ray.
You really should use more than 256 colors when enjoying the images.
Click on the thumbnail images to view the large images.
You may download most of the DAT files to play with.
Loader Hopper with truck 1971 
l3p m351s1 -b -f -cg22,-115,-3 
(640x480 112 kB)
Indy Transport 1996, the truck 
l3p -b -f m6335a -cg22,45,-25 
(640x480 81 kB)
Moon Buggy 1990 
l3p -b -f m8830 -cg22,60,-3 
(800x600 192 kB)
Ferry, Stena Lines, 1991 
l3p m1548 -b -f -cg20,55,-10 
(floor color changed to <0.1,0.1,0.8>) 
(800x600 129 kB)
Scene with minifigs 
l3p -b -f lchmen 
(800x600 197 kB)
Blacktron minifig 1992 
l3p -b -f mf-bltrn -cg10,40,-10 
(640x480 61 kB)
Set made for Airlines 1996 
l3p -b -f m1817s1 -cg10,45 
(800x600 119 kB)
Set made for Airlines 1996 
l3p -b -f m1817s1 m1817s1b -cg-2,-91 
(640x480 67 kB)
Ice Sat V, 1993, setup 1 
l3p -b0,0,0 -f -o m6898s1 -cg10,60 
(640x480 108 kB)
Delivery Truck 1968 
l3p -b -f m333 -cg22,45,-20 
(640x480 87 kB)
Ferry Boat 1971 
l3p -b -f m343 -cg22,55,-20 
(800x600 106 kB)
Villa Roma 1971 
l3p -b -f m350 -cg13,65,-3 
(640x480 103 kB)
Shuttle Launch Pad 1995 
l3p -b -f m6339s1 -cg0,52,-10 
(800x600 119 kB)
1913 Cadillac 1975 
l3p -b -f m390 -cg28,47,-10 
(800x600 137 kB)
Flame Fighters 1994 
l3p -b -f m6571 -cg13,30,-10 
(800x600 118 kB)

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